Set adrift in a rundown spacecraft, a young woman and her AI seek to find her own kind. It will take many harrowing journeys, many friendships made, and perhaps a few years, but Keena is determined to get back home.


Five years!


Today marks five whole years of me working on this comic! 
Started it on a whim, thinking it would be a short, quick thing to work out how comics worked and has now spiraled into the comic here today hehe 
There are currently 91 of y'all, and that's a big number!! Thank you all for being here <3
Normally, I'd do something to celebrate but unfortunetly this year I don't have the time to set something up, nor the pages to do a page spam, but perhaps next year or at some other mile stone we can :D

Anyway, i'm writing this at 1am, my cat is trying to assault me and my keyboard so i'll end this here now, you all are great ^w^

(here's the usual links: (the next four pages are already up here) (that other comic I'm working on)

Hiatus again :C

First off, here's the usual links and stuff:
Once i get some more pages done for this next chapter, patreon is where they'll be going first, and you can also get a lil doodle every month, aint' that neat?
discord. we all know discord.  This discord is for y'all who like perdita haha
There's some links to my other comic, and my social medias here if y'all wanna see the other stuff I work on during the hiatus

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay another hiatus :'3
Sorry about having yet another hiatus this year, but life's been throwing some soft balls at my face this year and i am catching them all (with my face)
It should hopefully not be longer than about a month, but we'll have to see

tl;dr for this next section, my beardie passed away and it's made it very hard to work on stuff. i'll hopefully be able to get back to uploading next month.

Alright, actual life stuff AKA the reason for this hiatus

Back in august, my bearded dragon, Beatrice Roxanne passed away. I'd had him for the last six years, and he was very important to me. 
He was my little guy, y'know? My lil scrunkly. My weird old dog. The reason I did a lot of stuff. He'd gotten me through a lot of hard times, and he's gone now.
He was one of the best friends i've ever had. He liked horn worms and snuggling up into my jackets, and watching bob ross with me (Bob ross was his favorite. He'd always get as close to the screen as he could. And kitchen nightmares for some reason?? I got the bob ross but why gordon ramsey??), he hated the color orange and he hated carrots to the point he wouldn't eat food that touched them.  Sir why were you so picky. why must you hate carrots so?
his death has hit me really hard, and it's made it very difficult to work on pages (or anything, really) 
I'm glad I got as long as i did with him, and fucking pissed at the world that I didn't get longer with him. Fuck you, death. Give me my damn son back.
I'm slowly putting myself back together (thank you Therapy) and getting back to (my) normal and regaining some motivation, so hopefully in the next few months i'll be able to get back to my usual twice weekly updates, because I have zero plans to abandon Perdita.

rest in piece, you goofy boy <3

Update sched for July + August and mini life update

Heyo my lasses dudes and unalined entities, this is Millie here with a quick update;
(tl;dr updates are going to 4x a month for july and august and i'll be linking my patreon more often)
For those unaware for the  last year and half I have been working at a hardware store, and I just recently put in my two weeks.
(going back to school, hurrah!)
in years past this would likely mean more updates, but unfortunately this time there will be fewer updates for a few months.
lifting 93 lbs lawnmowers when you only weigh 110 takes its toll on your wrists so I'll likely be drawing less for a little bit to give me a chance to heal, y'know?
(Also, artfight, which is massive thing I look forward to every year, starts in july and i'm not gonna miss it haha)
the normal 6x a month updates should resume in september, (knock on wood, and I am kind of hoping to be able to go to 8x if I can! depends on the buffer lmao)

One last thing before I nip off to work;
I want to offer a sincere thanks to all 66 of you who have followed my comic.
I cannot explain just how much it means to me that there are *sixty-six* of you who are reading my comic.
Every comment, every like, every piece of art someone throws my way means so much to me I could cry (and may have . _ .)
I never thought that there would be this many of you, I've thought for the longest time it would merely wind up being just my closest friends, so, thank you all so, so much <3


Well I had this whole thing filled out and the Comicfury crashed (you ok buddy?) SO ROUND TWO: FIGHT

So as I said on our discord server ( This current chapter will be finishing up by the end of December.
Then, for the month of January, instead of starting the new chapter, I'll be uploading some Species info. This is for 3 Reasons;
1) It gives me a little extra time to finish up the chapter I'm working on 
2) I got a lot of school work I have to finish, so taking a wee break will help with that :P
3) LORE. There's a crap load of lore (10 years worth spanning 4.5 stories .w.) and I don't wanna just shoe horn it in

updates will then resume in February, with the normal schedule of Every Monday, and Every other Thursday uvu