Well I had this whole thing filled out and the Comicfury crashed (you ok buddy?) SO ROUND TWO: FIGHT

So as I said on our discord server ( This current chapter will be finishing up by the end of December.
Then, for the month of January, instead of starting the new chapter, I'll be uploading some Species info. This is for 3 Reasons;
1) It gives me a little extra time to finish up the chapter I'm working on 
2) I got a lot of school work I have to finish, so taking a wee break will help with that :P
3) LORE. There's a crap load of lore (10 years worth spanning 4.5 stories .w.) and I don't wanna just shoe horn it in

updates will then resume in February, with the normal schedule of Every Monday, and Every other Thursday uvu


19th Nov 2020, 8:48 AM
ok see you later and I hope you get your homework done it really important