Set adrift in a rundown spacecraft, a young woman and her AI seek to find her own kind. It will take many harrowing journeys, many friendships made, and perhaps a few years, but Keena is determined to get back home.

Chapter: Arc 2: Tetra City Kerfluffle Page: (Extras) Felidae

1st Jan 2021, 11:22 AM

(Extras) Felidae

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liokkamillie 1st Jan 2021, 11:22 AM
Is it truly a hiatus if you're uploading extra info? does that make it NOT a hiatus?
Anyway, as I said, for the month of January i'll be uploading extra info about the species of my little universe here (Sometimes it's referred to as the Milliverse but that encompasses ALL of my stories so it doesn't really work? I'll get back to you on the name lmao.)
Felis, or Felidae, are one of the more common species found on space faring planets.
While most species have a home planet, (typically the place that their species evolved on) Felis do not have one anymore.
The exact specifics have been lost to time, so asking more than one Felis the story will result in half a dozen different tales, ranging from lost princesses, to political strife, to warfare.
Many felis choose not to settle in one place because of this, choosing instead to spend their days roaming in space faring caravans.
Caravans can range from a single paired unit (either married under the Galactic Standard's rules, or Felis Tradition, Or not married at all, just committed for life) and their children, to inter-generational groups, to massive groups of felis who aren't related at all.

Most Felis are Atheist or Agnostic, but there are some caravans who still believe in the old Felis deities.

Subspecies of Felis:
Like most species, Felis have a couple subspecies;
Felis, the most commonly seen subspecies, are categorized by their slit noses, small statures, and nimble fingers.
They are considered by many to be the “original” species of Felis, including Felis themselves.

Felinis, are only commonly found on (bruh finish that leveling system for planets??) planets.
Sometimes known as “Domestics” (disparagingly, it's used to compare them to domestic cats) Felinis are categorized by fleshy noses, larger sizes and more colorful coats.
Felinis are hybrids, or descendants of hybrids, typically with Canis or Kous.

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